Hey!!...let me introduce you to some of my great friends!
But first, a little about me.....

DOUG (Wombat)
I escaped from a big bushfire and found my way to The Bluff where I have since made my home....some say I eat too much, sleep too much, and drink too much coffee....I prefer to think of it as "living the dream"!

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Conclusive proof that rodent relationships are really no different to human ones....or vice-versa. Whilst not blessed with the greatest intelligence in the world, they are two of the friendliest rats you could ever meet! I can honestly say that two of my best friends are rats. Can you?
FLOSS (Ring-Tailed Possum)
Hanging upside down, "Down Under", tends to give her a rather unique perspective on life.
COL (Koala)
The Koala is one of the true icons of Australia....just by being cute and balancing in a gum tree all day eating leaves. It is truly a strange world we live in! Still, Col is a caring individual and I appreciate his occasional words of wisdom.
RENNY (Renoir) (Brush-Tailed Possum)
Renny has cultural and artistic aspirations that go way beyond the Aussie "bush". He likes to think of himself as a French Impressionist....in other words, he gives the impression of being French!
SUGAR (Sugar Glider)
Sugar is young, impetuous, cheeky....and gullible. She spends most of her time gliding from one tree to another, and from one crazy situation to the next. She has recently taken on the local mail delivery run...er...flight...er...glide...
RUBY (Platypus)
It's true that Ruby is precious, but her name is not about gemstones....her name is short for Rubik, because the platypus is, well, just a total puzzle of an animal! Ruby is an amphibious mammal...a unique character of the Australian bush!
You'll get to know these wonderful friends of mine, and others, in the BUSHY TALES comic strip.
Perhaps you'll even see a bit of yourself, or someone else, in them!