Before BUSHY TALES came along, there was the PEARLY GATES comic strip....

PEARLY GATES appeared for over 20 years in newspapers throughout Australia and some overseas markets....To many readers, it was the "good news" part of a bad news paper.
The PEARLY GATES cartoon was unique in that it offered a good, family-friendly, funny daily strip that combined contemporary and relevant storylines and gags mixed with positve and inspirational messages of faith....delivered via good, clean humour.

Over the years, so many churches requested permission to use the strip in their bulletins and newsletters that we decided to provide something even better than that!
As a result, the PEARLY GATES BULLETIN SERVICE (PGBS) was born some 23 years ago.
Since then, churches and schools across the nation (and now in several other countries too) have enjoyed the humour, and the topical and timely messages, that the PEARLY GATES strip brings to their bulletins and newsletters.

This is more than just another bland and boring clip art service!
It features loveable characters, good humour and a timeless, yet relevant, message!

And what’s more, proceeds from this service have been helping to support mission and humanitarian aid works in developing countries and in some of the least-reached people groups throughout the world.

Essentially, the PEARLY GATES BULLETIN SERVICE is a quarterly service to churches/schools with each quarterly supply containing a collection of 12 PEARLY GATES comic strips and many other cartoon clip art features (all JPEG files) that can be used effectively in your church/school bulletin or newsletter.

The PGBS can now be easily accessed from this website at leisure by subscribing churches/schools with each quarter's new material being posted every JANUARY, APRIL, JULY and OCTOBER.
Or, alternatively, subscribing churches/schools can receive the material via email.

       Simply click on the link above to have a look at some samples, read what others have to say about the PGBS, take out an annual subscription (just $25 per year), or downlaod the latest quarterly mailout (password secure).        

  To contact us further about the PGBS go to the “CONTACT” page and fill in the message form, or simply send email us at .
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PGBS - PEARLY GATES Bulletin Service