This is a typical page of the PEARLY GATES BULLETIN SERVICE.
Each quarterly mailout/gallery features three such pages.

Simply click on the link here to open up the sample page and see the great features that we send out to churches and schools every quarter.

Each of the three pages in each quarterly mailout includes 4 "PEARLY GATES" comic strips and at least 10 other pieces of clip art suitable for use in church bulletins and school newsletters.

So, that equates to 12 "PEARLY GATES" and at least 30 other pieces of clip art every quarter!
That equals 48 "PEARLY GATES" strips and more than 120 extra pieces of clip art every year!

And for those churches and schools that opt for the WEBSITE DOWNLOAD option in their subscription, there are also extra COLOURED cartoons and clip art as well!

And all this for just $25 for a whole year!
We reckon that is incredible value.

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