BUSHY TALES is only a relatively new comic strip and, let's face it, "overnight success" is only the stuff of dreams.
We are far more realistic than that. We are giving it a week!

Seriously, it is only early days and my friends and I are working hard at doing the best job we can to get the word out and see what happens.

All material on this website is copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the cartoonist.
Refer to the Contact Page for details of how to contact us.

All enquiries about BUSHY TALES syndication, costs, or any other related matter,
should be directed to.....

Bulls Presstjänst AB
Fabrikörvägen 8
131 28 Nacka Strand
Stockholm, Sweden
PH: +46-8-555 206 00
E: mm@bulls.se

Ian Jones
Bushy Tales Productions
PO Box 8093
Qld, 4102 Australia
PH: +61-7-33912635
E: syndication@bushytales.com

As per Australia above.
If you would like to take BUSHY TALES on in your newspaper or publication (and why wouldn't you?) here is some helpful information.....

  • BUSHY TALES is available in both Daily and Sunday formats.
  • It is available in B&W, Greyscale and Coloured versions (I, personally, like the colour version best)
  • It is available in CMYK or RGB and the files are sent in JPEG or TIFF formats (whatever fits best with your requirements...I look good in any format, I am told) and is sent via email or on CD.
  • BUSHY TALES strips will normally be provided on a monthly basis, though this can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
Within just a couple of weeks of BUSHY TALES being promoted it was  contracted for syndication throughout Northern Europe! I am sure my irresistable good looks and charm had a lot to do with it...and maybe the high quality of the strip helped out a bit as well.

In Sweden BUSHY TALES is called "Ute i busken" and, right now, the strip is being translated into various European languages for promotion and distribution....Ha! I always wanted to be a multi-lingual wombat!
Anyway, I will keep you posted on developments as time rolls on.

Here are a couple of ideas on how you might be able to assist us….

If your local, or favourite, newspaper does not run BUSHY TALES as one of its comic strips, why not drop the editor a friendly note (mail or email) requesting it? Editors are interested in what their readership wants, so it might help to get their attention.
You could suggest the editor contacts me at ian@bushytales.com for further information.

Share the BUSHY TALES strip with others on Facebook and ask your friends and family to “Like” the BT Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BushyTalesComicStrip).
This will enhance the profile of the strip and spread the word about it. We would love to have a growing online readership…and it will further increase the opportunities of print publication, too.

Subscribe to BUSHY TALES at the GoComics website (it is entirely free) and receive BT daily online and in your inbox. Your support in this way will further advance the chances of broader syndication. Go to www.gocomics.com/bushytales

Of course, if your newspaper does take the strip on, don’t forget to drop the editor a line and thank him/her! Positive comments are few and far between…but very much appreciated!

And thank you for your continued readership and enjoyment of the BUSHY TALES comic strip. Long may you enjoy it!