The BUSHY TALES comic strip started out as a special Sunday feature!

Due to modern-day newspaper space restrictions, most cartoon strips tend to avoid too much depth or detail. But I'm thankful that my cartoonist believes comic strips can still be "good art", so every time Ian picks up his pen to start drawing he aims to present BUSHY TALES as a beautifully crafted and substantial feature, as well as being a lot of fun...of course it has to be with me in it, right? (lol)

The gallery below features a few of my favourites so far...we all had a lot of fun making them...I hope you have a lot of fun reading them! Just click on a thumbnail and it will open up in a bigger window for you.

The samples in this gallery change quite frequently so you'll want to come back regularly to check out what I, and my friends, are getting up to!
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