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About the Cartoonist, Ian Jones

Ian is no newcomer to the world of cartooning.
His comic strips have been widely published in Australia and some international markets since 1980. Before BUSHY TALES, his previous most successful work was with the comic strip, PEARLY GATES, which was published every day for over 20 years.

​Now with BUSHY TALES, Ian believes he is doing his best work ever!
This is being confirmed by the growing popularity and success that the strip is gaining, as well as by the recognition of his cartooning peers in Australia and overseas.


Ian is a proud member of the AUSTRALIAN CARTOONISTS ASSOCIATION (ACA), the oldest professional cartoonist group in the world.
For more info on this group go to -


A former schoolteacher, Ian is also the pastor of an international church in Brisbane. He loves travelling and has spent time with the people and cultures of over 50 countries around the world.


And...he is also an award-winning photographer (check out some galleries of his photos on this site). 


Ian has been married to wife, Robyn, for over 47 years and they have 7 children and 10 grandchildren.

​Blessed indeed.

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