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The BUSHY TALES Community

When Doug the Wombat was quite young, a raging bushfire swept through the bush surrounding his family burrow. Sadly, his family was lost in the inferno but, somehow, Doug managed to escape alive. He eventually found his way to "The Bluff" where he found, or more correctly, was found, by a whole new group of weird and wonderful Aussie bush creatures. This eclectic community of craziness soon became Doug's new family.

Here at Bushy Tales Productions we love the idea of community.
So much, in fact, that we've created our own....and you can be a special part of it.
Doug 2 - Copy.jpg
This community is an online gathering of people (we call our members "wombats") who enjoy cartoons, wombats, Aussie (and other) wildlife, having fun, and the opportunity to engage with other similarly-minded people from all over the world. And, the very reasonable annual membership fee also helps Ian the cartoonist continue to do what he, and we, all love....drawing his wonderful BUSHY TALES comic strip.
In this day of newspapers decimating the comic strip industry, every little bit helps!

So what do our "wombats" (members) get for being a part of this community?
Well, all the details are included in the SUBSCRIBE page (see above drop-down Menu). 
There are comics, newsletters, photos, videos, puzzles, competitions, product discounts, file-sharing, blogs and much more!
Have a look and see if this is something that would interest you....or, maybe, even gift a membership to someone who you think would enjoy it. 
The Bushy Tales Community pages (and all the special things in them) are password-protected for our member wombats and are not available to casual visitors to the website.

Personally, we are looking forward to seeing this little community become something quite special....a place where we can come and engage, exchange, share, download, upload, interact, laugh and learn together. Click here to find out more....

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