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Graphic Heart Photography

As well as his passion for cartooning, Ian Jones is also an award-winning photographer and an avid world traveller. Ian has spent time in more than 50 countries, not as a tourist, but as a fellow traveller in life, connecting with the people and their lives and the places they call home.

He brings the eye and heart of the artist to his photography, hence the name, Graphic Heart Photography.

We hope that you enjoy these personally curated galleries of images, focusing on the three main areas of interest in Ian's, wildlife and people.

Please note, these galleries will be updated occasionally, so do come back again sometime.

And, please, remember that all the images on this site are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission. Thank you.


The images in these galleries are not able to be downloaded.
However, we will soon be able to offer you some very reasonably priced licensing packages for our photographs. In the meantime, i
f you would like to use/license any of the images for use (personal or otherwise), please contact Ian at 


To view each gallery, simply click on the main image. The gallery will then open up in a new page. You can click on the "View images" link and then scroll down the gallery layout...or, to see each image and a description, you can click on an image and then scroll (using the arrows) through the individual gallery images at your leisure. 


Outback Australia has a rugged beauty of its own. Use the arrows, or click on the thumbnails to view the images.

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