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Join the BUSHY TALES community


    For less than 50 cents a week, you get all the following features, as well as the joy of community.
    Valid for 12 months
    • The BRIGHT EYES" newsletter each month.
    • The complete backlog of 40 BRIGHT EYES newsletters.
    • A 10% discount on all BT products and books.
    • Access to all the Blog articles from Ian.
    • News and event updates from the world of Bushy Tales.
    • Fun competitions with great BT prizes.
    • BT memes/images to share on social media.
    • 5 Free Photographic Image downloads (your choice) per year.
    • Specially curated galleries of themed BT strips and photos.
    • Community engagement & interaction with other "wombats".
    • First look at new BT strips.
    • Downloads and file sharing.
    • Puzzles and quizzes to enjoy.
    • Behind-the-scenes look at the production of BT.
    • The joy of helping to support and promote a cartoonist.
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