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My name is Doug. I am a wombat and, if I say so myself, the star attraction of BUSHY TALES, a new comic strip based in the Australian bush and featuring many of the wacky and wonderful animal characters that are much-loved around the world.
I will be your guide around this great little website. Of course, the website, and the whimsical world of BUSHY TALES, will only get bigger and better, so I hope you'll come back often to check out the new pages and features from time to time. Hey, you could even bookmark this site as one of your favourites! 

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Cartoonist, Ian Jones, is also an award-winning photographer.

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"PEARLY GATES" was cartoonist, Ian Jones's, popular and long-running comic strip before BUSHY TALES. It appeared in newspapers for over 20 years. During those years, and since, there have been thousands of requests by churches and schools to reprint PEARLY GATES cartoons in their newsletters and bulletins.
The PEARLY GATES BULLETIN SERVICE is a quarterly subscription service to churches/schools containing PEARLY GATES comic strips and lots more cartoon clip art features that can be used effectively in church/school bulletins or newsletters.
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