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The Comic Strips, Art and Photography of Ian Jones

Welcome to BUSHY TALES!

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BUSHY TALES is an Australian comic strip featuring Doug the Wombat and his iconic, bushy-tailed friends from the Aussie bush.  It is a beautifully crafted strip with great art, adorable characters, good humour, educational potential, environmental sensitivity and much warmth and whimsy.
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This is just a small sampling of the BUSHY TALES Sunday strip.
You can follow the menu links above, or use the buttons below, to go to the galleries where you'll find lots more of the daily and Sunday BT strips to heaps more!


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Brian Crane
Reuben Award-winning cartoonist of PICKLES fame.

" of the freshest and funniest new comic strips I've seen in quite a while!"

Graphic Heart Photography

In addition to being the BUSHY TALES  cartoonist, Ian is also an award-winning photographer. His photography focus (pardon the pun) is mostly in the areas of travel, people and wildlife. A small selection of images is shown here for you to scroll through. 
Click the button below to go to the Graphic Heart Photography pages for many more great images from around the world.

All content on this website, both word and image, is copyrighted by Ian Jones.
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Contact Ian Jones at for further information.

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